Thursday, November 29, 2012

Online Form Assignment

Click here for my online form assignment

This online form addresses two main purposes.

To find out more about:

  1. who my audience is.
  2. what my audience wants to see on my blog.

To do these, each has specific purposes.

For who my audience is I wanted to learn some information about my readers:

  • their age ranges
  • their gender
  • their occupation
  • their location
  • how they prefer to read my blog

For what readers want to see on my blog I was mostly looking to find out:

  • which of my three post types (fashion, food, fun) which most interests them
  • what specifically interests them most within each post type
  • any particular posts they would like to see on my blog

Question types:

My questions seemed to make best sense with the styles I chose. For example, age range and gender questions are best suited with a question with multiple choice answers, whereas occupation has so many options it is best to provide a small text box. In addition, I included in many multiple choice questions the option to choose "other" with a small text box to explain what that other option may be.


My tone was business but inviting. I am trying to get impersonal information from readers to best suit their interests with my blog.

Intended audience:

My intended audience are readers of my blog, Seasonally Sweet & Sassy. The intention of this online form is to find out more information about them.


For some reason the option to change the theme of the online form would not load. I clicked it many times and in two different browsers but the page would just not load, so I was stuck with a boring looking form. Planning and creating, on the other hand, were simple to me because I am currently in a market research class which is primarily about learning how to create a survey, especially an online survey. We learned how to develop questions and the best styles of questions to ask. I actually found this slightly challenging because it is so vague in a way. In that class, questions need to be written a certain way, whereas in this class it might be a different requirement. I tried to find a healthy balance.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Traveling To Nebraska

Drive, fly, or ride the rails



  • East to West is I-80
  • I-80 spans entire state
  • Many state highways intersect I-80
  • I-80 is the most traveled roadway in Nebraska 



 Click the map for a larger view of the map which shows Nebraska airports



Last but certainly not least, if you are ever driving through the state and at a loss of what to do, keep an eye out for the many billboards surrounding the highways to help point out points of interest along the way.

Now you're ready, so go off and enjoy your vacation in Nebraska!

Nebraska Offers Activities For Everyone!


The outdoor enthusiast will love all of the outdoor activities Nebraska has to offer such as:

  • prairie wildlife
  • camping
  • hiking
  • fishing
  • boating
  • biking
  • star gazing 


These activities are especially vibrant in exciting state parks such as:


Chadron State Park

  • located in the panhandle portion of the state
  • modern campground featuring cabins, RV hookups, bike trails, relaxing forest area
  • also includes a swimming pool, volleyball court, and fishing areas


Smith Falls State Park

  • located in the north central part of the state
  • featuring the state's highest waterfall
  • includes a nature preserve with many rare plants
  • small number of campsites available
  • reservations can be made a year in advance


There are other exciting attractions as well:


Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

  •  located in the northwest part of the state
  • 3,000+ acre site
  • quarries full of mammal fossils
  • also includes a museum with over 500 Indian artifacts


Hilltop Mini Ranch

  • located in the southeast corner of the state in Phillips
  • actual horse ranch
  • view the majestic spotted Appaloosa horses



  • located in Alliance
  • a replica of Stonehenge, but made of old cars
  • created in 1987


College Football

  • head to the Eastern part of the state in Lincoln
  • University of Nebraska Cornhuskers

Know Before You Go...To NEBRASKA!

Nebraska isn't just another Midwestern state, it is full of endless possibilities for vacation fun!

But before you go, maybe you would like a brief history on the state's land:

  • The part of the country that Nebraska sits in was at one point known as the great American desert. 
  • Before European settlers arrived, Native American Indian tribes occupied the land, which was known for its fertile soil and hunting opportunities. 


And, more importantly if you intend to visit, you most likely will want to be prepared for the weather!:

  • Summer consists of gorgeous sunshine and lots of heat
  • Winter is typically cold and full of fluffy snow
  • Thunderstorms may occur throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall, so bring a rain coat!

Now you are sure to get to Nebraska with a quick history of the state to impress your friends and family and you'll also pack prepared for what ever weather comes your way!

Planning A Trip To Nebraska?

Or maybe if you aren't yet, you will be after reading this!

Some fun facts about the state to know before you go:

  • Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker State
  • Nebraska is bordered by six other states, home to more than a million people which makes it the 38th most populous state, yet when it comes to area, it ranks 16th with over 77,000 square miles
  • Agriculture and manufacturing make up the majority of the state's economy
  • Nebraska is the leading state in ranching